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Hampton Roads Chief Petty Officer's Association Education Scholarship

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The Hampton Roads Chapter of the Chief Petty Officer’s Association has established an educational scholarship for Coast Guard Enlisted Members. The Hampton Roads Chapter reserves the right to choose the recipient of the scholarship as it deems fit. A panel of judges shall be appointed and their decision is final. The Scholarship shall be administered as follows:


  1. Scholarship Amounts:

       1st- $1250

       2nd- $750

       3rd- $500


   2. Eligibility Requirements:

       a. All Enlisted Coast Guard members are eligible.

       b. If not currently attending college, member shall furnish a copy of a letter of acceptance from a college, university or             vocational school you plan to attend. This must be submitted with your application.

       c. If currently attending a college, university or vocational school, you must provide proof of enrollment with your                       application. Member shall be in good academic standing with the school with a GPA of 3.0.


   3. Scholarship Timelines:


       a. Scholarship Topic selected and published: February 13th

       b. Applications Accepted: February 13th - May 10th


       c. Applications Reviewed: May

       d. Winner Announced: June

   4. Essay Requirements:

       a. Submitted essays shall not exceed two-page, double spaced in length.

       b. Must be accompanied by a complete application.

       c. Essays must be original material and will be vetted through or a similar plagiarism detection service.                 Plagiarism will result in removal from consideration.

       d. Essay topics will be determined annually by the Hampton Roads Chapter Scholarship Committee.


   5. Judging:


       a. Essays will be judged by a panel of no less than 5 members. These members will be solicited and assigned by       

           chapter leadership. Panel members shall be impartial and consist of CG Enlisted members.

       b. Essays will be judged based on style and content. Judges will look for essays that are clear, articulate and logically

           organized. Panel members will use a standardized scoring matrix for determining a winner.


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